Cosmic Group

Transportation & Relocation

Safely moving
heavy cranes

Heavy cranes are essential to installing and repairing wind turbines. Our specialised heavy crane team are skilled in rigging, de-rigging and transportation. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently relocate a large-scale crane while maintaining the highest safety standards.

3 Safely Moving Cranes

Dismantling and transporting
heavy cranes

Heavy cranes are essential for the installation and maintenance of wind turbines. Projects can easily be delayed if cranes or crane operators aren’t available at precisely the right time.

Cosmic Group provides technical expertise in both cranes and wind turbines. By directly managing both services, we’re able to simplify communication and project management. Our complete project delivery is safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Moving all types
of heavy cranes

Heavy cranes need to be built on site. To move the crane onto a new site, it must first be dismantled. It’s transported, piece by piece, then rebuilt and rigged up.

Cosmic Cranes can safely build, dismantle and transport all types of heavy cranes. Our experienced technicians hold specialist skills allowing them to relocate all-terrain and crawler cranes, as well as 100t-1200t telescopic and lattice boom cranes.

4. Moving all types of Heavy Cranes

Experts in large-scale heavy cranes

At Cosmic Cranes, our crew has expert technical knowledge of all large-scale heavy cranes, including telescopic and lattice boom cranes, as well as all-terrain and crawler cranes. With in-house capabilities to move and maintain each crane, we’re able to deliver projects more efficiently.