Cosmic Group

Wind Turbine Inspections

Protect your turbine productivity

Regular inspections are vital for maximising yield and extending the life of your assets. We inspect turbines using specialised drones, making the process faster, safer and more reliable. If required, we can also conduct manual inspections using rope access.

Identify potential
problems early

Wind turbines are at the mercy of the elements. Rain, lightning and hail from storms, and particles like dust, salt and snow, are just some of the hazards endured by a turbine’s components.

Inspections can help identify damage or wear-and-tear before productivity is affected. We complete a detailed examination of the structure and components, in the safest, most cost-effective way possible.

Our fully trained, licenced and insured drone pilots monitor the flight with your technicians. We use GPS positioning to accurately locate each turbine.

View remotely with drones

With drones, we can view the nacelle, tower, bolt jointings and rotor blades from multiple angles. We can clearly evaluate the condition of blades and cabling as well as safety equipment and wear and tear. All drone inspections are captured in high-definition (HD) video for precision viewing. Our advanced drones remain stable even under strong winds, making them ideal for both onshore and offshore wind turbine inspections.

We comply with the safety procedures of your facility, as well as all relevant national and local regulations. Our technicians are fully accredited by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

Inspect with rope access

When necessary, our team can also undertake manual inspections. We have rope access technicians and fully trained paint and repair technicians to manage all aspects of your wind turbine inspection and repair needs.