Cosmic Group

Wind Turbine Installation

Full turbine installation safely and efficiently

Our expert team installs and commissions wind turbines in onshore and offshore locations. We construct new wind farms, expand existing facilities and replace turbines that are ready to be decommissioned.


End to end
installation & project delivery

As technology continues to advance, wind turbines are growing rapidly in size. Larger blades and increased heights make it increasingly important to engage skilled professionals to install your turbines.

Our installation crew includes a mechanical team, rigging team and finishing team. Many of our crew have worked on wind farms throughout Australia, Europe and Africa, gaining experience in best-practice operations.

We also have our own heavy crane expertise, with teams specially trained to lift and transport wind turbine components. With these capabilities at hand, Cosmic Group can minimise downtime and ensure every project stays on schedule.

Start to finish project delivery

We work closely with wind farms and turbine manufacturers to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Our service delivery includes:

Ongoing support for operations and maintenance

Cosmic Group has proudly installed turbines on wind farms throughout Australia. We also provide operational support, including:

We’re committed to maintaining the quality of each wind turbine, maximising its productivity and asset life.